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Laurent Guinci, or Lolo to his friends, is a French designer who has been based in London since 1994. Despite his origins in the sciences with degrees in Maths, Physics and Astronomy, he always had an innate urge to own a design business. Therefore, he created LFG Design, a design consultancy group that specialises in the fields of Lifestyle and Fashion and a precursor to LOLO CREATIVE.

As a designer, Laurent turned his craft in multiple directions; sketching staff uniforms for restaurants across London, including the exclusive and stylish MOMO. He also designed a ‘capsule range’ of bespoke T-shirts in an array of unique styles that gained broad recognition in media outlets including Vogue. Using this creative outlet as his point of reference, he transitioned into the film industry – working on major features such as Harry Potter, Bridget Jones, In Bruges, Hercules and James Bond to name but a few.

Working as Creative Director of the Harry Potter Tour in London since its inception, Laurent’s talents have developed to further roles within the movie franchise sphere; as Costume Designer for the Warner Brothers and Universal Studio Theme parks in the USA and Japan.  Credits include working on the costume for Harry Potter, The Hulk, King Kong Skull Island, Volcano Bay Waterpark and the upcoming Nintendo theme park in Osaka

With his meticulous eye for detail and love of design, his projects have been the subject of industry accolades and awards, allowing for opportunities to design bespoke costume and wardrobe to come his way. Recent major projects include a whole new resort in Beijing and park in Orlando, both encompassing never-before-seen movie IP and therefore requiring wholly original concepts and designs.

In his personal time, Laurent pursues his passion for photography, having been inspired by his mentor, film director Peter McDonald. As a self-confessed foodie, another of his passions is his love of cooking. Inspired by the movie “Julie & Julia”, he embarked on his own online cookbook.

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