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Welcome to the new Warner Brothers Studio Tour Tokyo: The Making of Harry Potter.
With years of experience, LOLO CREATIVE has been in charge of the entire Costume, Hair & Make-Up departments for the WB Studio Tour in London & is now bringing its magical touch to the new WB Tour in TOKYO, Japan.
Always eager for new challenges, the aim was to give the exhibit this time to a more modern feel, keeping in mind the brand spirit; a new style of mannequins was engineered with more realistic characterful faces, bringing for example Harry, Ron and Hermione to life.
As well as working with archival pieces, LOLO CREATIVE had to reproduce some of the garments and reunited the initial team from the films to recreate the articles to their most authentic appearance, seamlessly.
All mannequins have also their unique hair features captured, from Bellatrix Lestrange’s hairstyle to the beard of Albus Dumbledore.

With a new 'Costume Display’ section in the Tokyo exhibit, showcasing orginal costumes from both Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts immortalised within a slick gallery display, it is a wonderful celebration of the talents behind Costume, Hair & Make-Up.

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