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Bringing Slytherin House to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, LOLO Creative has been instrumental in portraying one of the most iconic wizarding families in the 2021 costume display.
Alongside the awesome props, including the entrance to the Great Hall being decked in the distinctive green banners, and the Slytherin Common Room being dramatically brought to life, the costume display created by LOLO Creative brings you face to face with the infamous Malfoy family.
Featuring costumes from across all the films, from a young Draco standing petulantly in the common room as seen in ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ (or ‘The Sorcerer’s Stone’ for the US audience), right through to the same character now standing tall yet dishevelled and distressed next to his mother Narcissa and father Lucius after the Battle of Hogwarts in ‘The Deathly Hallows pt 2’.
Expertly positioned throughout the Studio Tour, the costume display areas stand on specially made platforms, the skin of a giant basilisk wrapping around the plinths and green lighting adding an aura of darkness.
For the first time, we are shown three iterations of Tom Riddle, the boy who became Voldemort on display, from the confused orphan taken in by Dumbledore, to the flashbacks of the adolescent keen on exploring the Dark Arts and the now infamous conversation with Professor Slughorn about Horcruxes.

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