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LOLO Creative is an award winning design studio fully aware of, and adept at, the requirements of all disciplines within operational wardrobe. We beleive it is especially important to work closely with the brand to create a complete identity across all job positions, from management to porters.
Customers are looking more and more for an immersive experience, and it’s important to fulfill these expectations as much as possible. Staff uniform is an often overlooked aspect of overall design intent  Regularly seen by all customers and
visitors, a complementary and well designed wardrobe will easily affirm the brand identity and create a memorable statement. 

Working with many global companies mean we are held under strict NDAs and are therefore unable to show much of our work.  We have however created an in-house showcase to provide clients a fine example of the work we create.  This is using the existing W Hotel Dubai Palm as a base but no affiliation is inferred.

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