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Expanding the company repertoire, LOLO Creative was invited to draw on the experience gained within the film industry costume department to design and create a bespoke, but film specific costume for a brand new ride launched at Universal Studios Orlando. Focusing on the half-giant Hagrid, the beloved character from the Harry Potter films, the all-new engineering masterpiece required a full size animatronic of Hagrid to greet the awe-struck riders part way through the ride. Needing to be instantly recognizable, LOLO Creative was commissioned to be as true to film as possible, with new twists such as the specialised gauntlet, purportedly made from dragon scale. Design was just a part of this project, with CCO Laurent required to visit the animatronic factory itself to assist in the creation of the costume. Having some very specific requirements to work safely on both the robotic nature of the build as well as being outdoors in the blazing Florida sun, and through the hurricane seasons that regularly hit the tropical location was a challenge. A full knowledge of fabrics, construction and further advice, the collaboration between all teams was a necessity, and resulted in Hagrid being brought to life before thousands of thrilled fans.

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